Tuesday, October 16, 2012

working with the wrong people especially with wrong leader is SUPER WRONG!!!

couldn't say much cause
this world has no freedom of speech.

I'm frust

Monday, January 30, 2012


i feel so bad & guilty for
being such a baby :(

i, sometimes shut myself down 
& i don't talk.
i always failed to hold my anger
when i'm not in the mood

pls forgive my thoughtless moment
& i know i've let u both worried about me.
i promise i'll give you both a big hug tomorrow.
i'm sorry & i love you pa ma!!

Friday, January 27, 2012


就说说最近的我吧 。
“龙年快乐!” 客套也得说一声吧


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Battleground 2011

 Battleground 2011 is officially wrap for me now.
i've been with this program from the start since August,
but i wont be with Battleground Final 2011 on  the10 dec 
coz i wont be around at KL ;p
honestly Battleground is the hardest program i've done this year.
hmm, such a long stories if u wanna know why, hehe.
well in short, i think most of the problem occur because of
miscommunication, attitude & personalities problem.
this program gave most of the styling for me to do,
the progress was really hard, but i like the outcome of it ;)
 this picture taken during Preliminary at E@Curve
the contestants was judging by 3 of the judge from Taiwan, UK & Korea.

its me & Battleground main host,
on my left is Serena.C n my right is Mei Yan! :)
all the clothes they wear on Battleground are all sponsor by 
Armani Exchange.

during preliminary Battleground hired make up artist Chloe,
so i had a teman. but after that i was all alone because
apparently the program has no budget ;<

the Top10 groups of Battleground is out
after 4round of prelim. then we had photoshoot
for 10 groups of them. Photoshoot done at Yipieyaya Studio,
& there are 2 session, 1st session of shoot style by Giordano,
and the 2nd shoot Style by me ;)
this is one of the top10 "Oh My Goodness"!
their dance energy were really really pack!!
but sadly they couldn't make it to the Top4.

here we have another group "Chique de luxe"
they beat "Oh My Goodness" during battle
n they are now in Top4!~

this is "FIX", my favourite group of all.
they dance so well n their idea were really creative!

these are all the accessories prepared for the host,
i, love accessories! :)

on the left is Kiwi, the assistant producer
& Samson, the tag team n assistant producer too.
they are good people :)

we also have promo for the Top10.
i like the background!!

interview with the group "Dem Lepak Boyz"

hehe, Semifinal is over n the Top4 result is out after 3 rounds
 of battle at Pavilion on the 29, 30 of Oct n 1st Nov.
Good Luck to Kimmy who will be covering for me on Battleground Final.
& Good Luck to the Top4 contestants!!

house broke

last 2days ago, my house was broke into thieves.
i was half way home at 5something n i receive call from my mum,
her voice sounded trembling &
she told me that she just got back home & found out
our side window is broken with a big iron stylus left at a side.
& my mum do not know if the thief is stil in the house or not.
i worried to the max & i can't help but speed back home.
i have to say that we are lucky because no one was at home
& the thieves has left when my mum got back.
then i call 999 to make report,
& i am quite shock that 999 put me on hold with music!
gosh, i have totally no mood for that.
then the police came after & they copied down my mum's ic#
n that's it!
we were all so moody that day,
feel so bad luck yet lucky that no one is hurt,
nothing big was stolen, n they stole most of my stuff ;(
especially my canon camera from herman,
some accessories from my mum since young,
key necklace from herman's mum,
my babyG,
my starry ring & necklaces,
my expensive hair dryer,
my bros netbook,
my bros watches,
my spoilt Sony Ericsson k600i,
those are the things that i really really like,
;( i'll miss you all.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is the first time in my life! 
blindly 追星 with my Kawan, Kimmy :D
So 陈展鹏  & 谢天华 was here at Giza for Astro on demand's event.
Kimmy love love lovessss 陈展鹏 from TVB sosososo much!!!
& she wanted to see him in real person!!

it was our company's event but we wasn't involve in the program,
so sadly we dont get any privilige to be there at the backstage to
get any closer to both the HK stars & our local star Jentzen!hahaha.
me & Kimmy went over to Giza on last friday.
i purposely went all the way there, & jam at the traffic for 2 n half hours
just to teman my kawan to see her idol =,= 
but it was an experience :D!!!
on the next day,  our colleage; Chloe
told us 陈展鹏  & 马国明 will be back at Astro office
for recording. then me & Kimmy actually went 
back to office on that Sunday, which is our day off!!
just to see them & take picture with them!!!
after long wait for 4hours,
*Snap!! ^^

& Snap snap!!!

*Snap snap snap!!! :D
crazy Chloe loves 马国明 so much! she set the picture as 
her wallpaper One second after the picture was taken!!!!

it was a crazy experience & indeed a fun experience!!! ^^
陈展鹏  & 马国明 were so nice & Polite!!
& they are very tallll n model-like in real :D
hahaha, i think i started to like them too

Sunday, October 23, 2011

i, :)

boringness brought me here all the time,
i click through everyones blog,
n i randomly click and read a few of my own
year2007 posts,

& i smiled :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

big bad wolf

BIG BAD WOLF Attack me for 3times & my mum 4times!!!
seriously, the book fair is such a HEAVEN!!
they sell books in pallate!!!! imagine how many books they have!!
& books r priced from Rm3 to Rm20 ONLY!!!
gosh, if i am allow i wish i could bring back all the books
& make my house a library!! HAhahaha!!
me & my mum went there 3-4times on the
past 2weeks of book warehouse at Maeps.
i have no idea how they manage to cut down the price
 to extremely low, books are selling at Rm40 at the bookstore
& they sell them at Only Rm8!!!! 
how can u resist n not to bring them home?!!
Super Happy that i found books that i wanted in such low price!
& i found the 1st publish of "Confession of a Shopaholic"!!
"Carrie Diaries" in hardcover; im not sure if i'm going to read
these 2, but i bought them for the sake of keeping it :D!!
& i found "Babylons"!! ~Happy~ & bought some
lil miss & mr. for Rm3 each!! do u know how expensiv they
are at the bookstore out there even the books r small n thin!?
kekeke ;p
my mum bought alot toooooo!!
my mum has such a passion at teaching kids.
she went to the children sections only &
she look for interesting & useful books for her kids~
honestly, kids nowadays r so lucky because
all the books r all design for fun learning!!
I, Respect my Mum for her love @teaching!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my pressie

hasn't get the chance to take a real look at my Birthday Pressie until lately!!
Thank you sososooooo much for having the heart to pick pressie for me!
i have pressie here from Hong Kong, Japan & KL!!
all of them from My Most Lovie Dearie!!! ^^
& Thanks for all the birthday wishes
from hundreds of you!
i feel deeply grateful!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

尊孔 6A班

gathering with classmate year1998
the hot topic we talk about that day were who & who 
are getting married, hahaha!!! so glad that everybody is doing good!!
cant wait to attend any of your wedding!! ;)

 p/s: i went to Delicious @Dua Residency years back,
the services were really bad. after years the services are stil the same!
i will Not go to Delicious @Dua Residency ANYMORE!~

Mid Autumn Fest

Astro celebrates Mid Autumn Fest
on the September 12th at Penang Bukit Mertajam
it was a Fun & easy job! ;)
bum into my buddy; mr.Kelsen!! he was the host
for the nite before Astro team arrived!
so proud of u my kawan!! ^^
the next day we check out from Sunway Hotel @Penang
early in the morning at 8am, & reach kl by noon.
why do we have to rush & check out that early,
gosh, i always hate it because i love to Zzzzz! :D
after i reach KL from Penang
its Family day!!!
Mid Autumn Dinner with my family & relatives!! ^^
my Mummy, Daddy & baby Jayshawn :)
hehe, after dinner back at home
eat mooncake, yamcha, & play lantern candles la!! ^^
DIY hello kitty lantern by my elder brother for the Gf!~
haha, nice work bro! :D

Classic Golden Melody

after Hua hee karaoke at north m'sia.
hseang busy prepare wardrobe for the host of
Classic Golden Melody 经典名曲歌唱大赛
hehe, let me share some history with u guys.
my boss assign this program to me after my
ex-colleague; Chew resign halfway doing this program.

to be honest, i was kinda scare when Chew told me he's
going to quit, because i knew once he quit,
i'll have a huge possibilities to take over his program,
& i do not want to, because Chew had a really rough time!!!
really... really... rough time doing this program!! i m not joking!!!
& Bingo!! my boss put me up for this program =,=
gosh, i was so scare during meeting with the producer,
because everybody told me that the producer is a tough one.
and i guess Chew resign mainly because of her. hahaha :D

after the meeting,
she like my stuff & everything went quite well.
& i'm happy ;)
i take over this program from Round 4 until final.
i kinda like this program because get to style different size of
people. & its not easy to style extra large people, quite challenging!
this year CGM Final held at Johor Stadium Bandaraya
on the 20th of August instead of Genting .
the stage nice ha :)
the crowd before the show starts @Stadium Bandaraya
@backstage, get to take picture with the finalist ^^
snap snap with the finalist :)
hehe, its me with the Co-host, who are the
past years CGM Champion; 小蚂蚁, 明辉 & 蕊丽.
too bad didn't get to take picture with the main host on that day,
燕燕 & 忠彪!! both of them are very very nice u cant
imagine they are such lovely people :D
aw, its me & M'sia well known designer Villiam Ooi! ^^
he is the female host's wardrobe designer for the Final round.
during preparation, Villiam came to pick the male's wardrobe with Hseang.
we went for lunch & he shared some of his ideas to me, Thanks!
New York hotel @Johor, so comfy!!
so happy they book a hotel with windows!!
because they always book cheap hotel especially
Pearlview hotel @Penang, the room has no window
and no single sign of sunlight in the room!!! so scaly!! :D
Wawa & Lilian!!! the 奶妈 of CGM contestants!
they are all very nice ppl! love hang out with them!
Lilian just resign from Astro leh, gonna miss u Lilian!!
the result is out!!! Snap snap with
CGM 2011 Champion 侯诗玲!!!
she is so nice she invited me to her performance
recently ^^ but too bad i couldn't make it.
all the best to u 侯诗玲!!
CGM 2011 Wrap!!